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Our Vision

Sparkle Land aims to share the wisdom of caring for the land: empowering children, and their families, to respond to their environment.

By creating entertaining and educational environmentally-friendly products that will enhance our children’s connection to nature and their power within...

We are activating a program of activities in your local community that bring children into their natural power - such as growing vegies, caretaking nature, exploring rivers and forests, and bringing the community together through play, dance and song.

Each Sparkle Story brings a message that glows with Rainbow Eagle’s gentle wisdom.

"We are the Caretakers of this Land"
Rainbow Eagle has already shared his song with over 20,000 Sparkle Children

We actively care for our habitat and share our joy in the Sparkles that glitter amongst the sunlight as it shines a pathway of beauty and living in harmony with all beings.

Rainbow Eagle is a storyteller, spreading the culture of caretaking the land. With strength and joy he sings nature's songs, calling us to action. This is your opportunity to offer a quality experience at your gathering. Sparkle Land is not just a performance, it is living culture that is expressed through the joy of Rainbow Eagle and Friends.

Dressed in rainbow colours and Sparkle capes, the children journey into Sparkle Land, learning about the elements, what makes food grow, and how special life is. Rainbow Eagle and his puppet friends weave a magical story with songs and dance with a rhythm of flowing rivers, birdsong, and Mother Nature. With the ancient sounds of the Didgeridoo, Rainbow Eagle brings his 13 years of experience as a performer to mesmerize the audience into participating as Caretakers of the Land.

In Sparkle Land, children embrace a new openness to play amongst nature, watching the ripples in the creek as they throw their Sparkle stones. The children and their families come together to clean up local creeks and beaches so the animals, birds and people can enjoy a clean environment, and share a vision in action.

It is Sparkle Land's simple message that gives a new song of living in harmony:
We are Caretakers of the Land...

In this way the Indigenous people of this land have always lived. Now it is your opportunity to step forward and enjoy the dance of knowledge and wisdom, and the joy of children.

Who is Rainbow Eagle?

Rainbow Eagle is the visionary performance of Wantungaa. After 10 years performing in childcare centres, his enchantment of children is masterful. Also an indigenous performer and didjeridoo player of 15 years, Wantungaa has also studied film production at SAE Institute in Byron Bay. He records, films, directs and produces his own music and DVDs, all the while living a low impact Sparkle Land lifestyle in the Byron hinterland. His passion is gifting the magic of life and beauty of nature to children (and their parents).

“Together we shall share out gifts and love with all people.”

How can I help spread the Sparkle Land Vision?

Let’s encourage all children to believe in a beautiful world. There is so much for children to understand as they mature in this world, so Sparkle Land helps to guide them in a positive, powerful way.

Downloading the Sparkle land game, or ordering it by post including the Sparkle land movie, will immerse your child in a land where creativity rules, and play is shared. Rainbow Eagle’s vision of the magic in nature is passed on to all who play with him. Children and carers are infused with the beauty of our world, and our special connection to it, as Caretakers of the Land. Colouring in nature, crystal play, touching leaves and smelling flowers, and drawing nature to share with friends bring a closeness and ability to respond to our environment.

Your donations and purchases will go directly to spreading the Sparkle land vision around your community - and the world.

Invite Rainbow Eagle to perform at your next event, and bring his Sparkle magic to your community. He will dazzle his magic and transform Sparkle children into Caretakers of the Land. Go to the events page to see where he will be performing next. He travels around Australia, so maybe he will be near you very soon. Make a special Sparkle wish and he may fly out to sprinkle Sparkle magic especially for you.

Grow more food, share seedlings with friends, get a compost bin for food scraps, or a worm farm, children love to water the garden and see their seedlings grow. Plant sunflower seeds in old egg cartons, squish out tomato seeds onto brown paper bags, dry, and plant in a pot, get some more worms for the compost, and some ladybugs to eat pests, use an old holey log to make a fairy home, decorate with feathers, flowers and crystals, and put it in the garden so the fairies will visit you. Dig a hole and plant a tree at least once a week. You can do it for a friend too.

Go solar. Get a quote for solar hot water, solar panels, make a sundrier for fruit, makes great sundried tomatoes. Get a design for a solar cooker, they are really easy to make. Parabolic mirrors can be fun to boil a billy on. Know where the sun sets and rises, then make a sundial or stone circle to mark the passage of the sun. Watch the shadows move by day and by season. Paint the colours of the sunset. Draw your own Sparkle Land with sunrays shining golden light thereon. Lie down and soak up the sun.

Get on your bike and ride. Ride to the letterbox, ride to the local shop, ride to town. Bring your canvas bag for shopping, pack your paniers with organic fruit and vegies. Fruit is a great snack and far healthier than anything in a packet. When you eat fruit you can plant the seeds. Plant seeds of sustainability by riding, walking, and reducing car use. Focus on your local community and all the rich and wonderful variety that is there. Start a Farmers Market.

Read only books that enhance and inspire the natural connectedness of child to nature and family. Take photos and make a storybook of your child visiting nature, living in nature. Create a tree house and make up a story there. Send it in to this website and share. Everyone in the family can draw a page and make a story together. Be real about our world, our superhuman powers are within. Empower children to create real magic by creating from their hearts and being confident and loved in the world.

“Together we shall share out gifts and love with all people.” Footer2
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