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Sparkle Land Complete Resource Pack

This pack is designed for schools and childcare centres, and for families who want to buy all Sparkle Land educational resources at a special discount price. The Complete Resource Pack contains $38 worth of products:
  • Sparkle Land Boardgame (complete pack)
  • Sparkle Land Sleepytime Stories
  • Sparkle Land Dreaming Stories CD
  • Sparkle Land Touch of Culture CD
  • Whale Spirit Dreaming CD
Download .zip folder special discount price AU$15.00

Sparkle Land Board Game - FREE Download!

For more information about the
Sparkle Land Board Game, click here

You can receive the Sparkle Land Boardgame either as a computer download (which you print yourself) or as a complete pack, ready to play, in the post:

Buy the Sparkle Land Boardgame, including the Boardgame in three sizes (A3, A4 and 2xA4 stick-together), the Rules, Mission Audio Tracks 1-48, a set of 9 Sparkle Cards, and a Colouring Book:

Download .zip folder FREE Download

>> Download NOW! <<

Buy the Sparkleland Boardgame Postage Pack, including the Boardgame printed in A3 size, the Rules, a CD with Missions 1-48, a Colouring Book and crystal bag to play with, plus a bonus Sparkle Land Movie DVD: $25.00 including postage.

Boardgame in Use

Sparkle Land DVD

Rainbow Eagle presents a multimedia performance production that educates and motivates environmental awareness, with a simple message for children, that all people may embrace: We are the Caretakers of this Land...

Come on a journey with Rainbow Eagle and Friends into nature. Feel the joy of exploring the Australian bush. Listen to the songs of birds and sparkling creeks. Meet Harmony the Tree Fairy, Starlight the Wizard, Strongwind the Crow, Snuggles the Snail and Longtail the Lizard. Each character shares songs, stories and wisdom about nature. Full of the warmth of a fire, Rainbow Eagle inspires all who enter the magic of Sparkle Land.

Sparkle Land DVD offers your children the tools to discover the beautiful world of nature. Through the talents of Rainbow Eagle and friends that live amongst a lush rainforest full of sparkles. Enjoy watching a production that enhances your children’s wonder and encourages them to take a step into the world of Sparkle Land. Your children will be dazzled by a creative journey, meeting each character and learning how to embrace life in the bush.

Listen to the ancient sounds of the Didjeridoo and the ambient sound of nature. Embrace the rhythm of Rainbow Eagle as he guides the audience through a story about sparkle children discovering their role as being a Caretaker of the Land.

Your children will be presented with a joyful journey learning about the elements that make our food grow and how special life is:

  • Sparkle Sun that gives us light and helps everything to grow.
  • Sparkle Water which keeps us all alive.
  • Sparkle Land where we all live and where we grow our vegetables.
  • Sparkle trees that offer us clean air and fruit to eat.
Packaged DVD including postage= AU$15.00

Sparkle Land CDs

Would you like your children to feel more peace and joy? Rainbow Eagle and friends would like to share their heart songs with you.
Our vision is to help our beautiful children to find their way towards the most inspiring teacher, Mother Earth. There is a range of CDs to choose from, with the ambient sounds of nature, and a gently story with the sparkles of joy and wisdom.

Easy to follow adventures, you can learn the skills of listening and be inspired to go on a journey with your family. With a simple message that all people may embrace: We are the Caretakers of the Land...

Sparkle Land Sleepytime Stories
Enjoy peaceful stories of nature with the ambient sounds of the Didgeridoo and Australia’s Rainforest.

Travel on a journey into the sparkle bubbles of a gently waterfall and listen to a relaxing naritve by rainbow Eagle and Starlight The Wizard.

Download .zip folder containing 4 stories (33 minutes)
in MP3 format

Sleepytime Stories

Sparkle Land Dreaming Stories
Explore the whispering sounds of the ocean as Rainbow Eagle share his gently message of being a Caretaker of the Land. Listen closely to the birds and the wind as you venture in a story about children journeying into Sparkle Land.

Download .zip folder containing 1 story (63 minutes)
in MP3 format

Sparkle Land Touch of Culture
Come on a venture with Rainbow Eagle as he shares stories about Sparkle children learning about the joy of nature. With the thunder and lightling and a lesson of family values and courage, you will be strengthened to embark on your own journey into Sparkle Land.

Download .zip folder containing 8 stories (24 minutes)
in MP3 format

Touch of Culture

Whale Spirit Dreaming
Come on a journey into the Whale Dreaming and relax to the whales' songs of the deep. Feel the ancient rthyems of the didgeridoo with the gently sounds of flute. Sleep with a melody that will sweep your children into bliss. Sparkle Land present multimedia environmental production that will educate and motivate awareness.

Download .zip folder containing 1 story (63 minutes)
in MP3 format

Whale Spirit Dreaming

Rainbow Family Book of Colour

This colouring-in book features 12 pages of artwork by Kiri Sta* in PDF format, ready to be printed. You can print many copies to share the experience with other kids.
Download PDF

More products coming soon...

  • Sparkle Land books
  • Sparkle Land stickers
  • Sparkle Land movies
  • Sparkle Land Rainforest relaxation
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