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Hello Sparkle Children!

Are you growing a food garden? Are you picking up rubish and planting trees at your local creek? Have you been playing the Sparkle Land Board Game?

Remember: you are all the choosens ones!

It is your mission to send me pictures to inspire the world. There are children living in communites and they are all wondering how we can create more harmony.

It up to all of us, as we are the Caretakers of This Land. Join us now, let's discover nature together. Is there a waterfall you love to visit or a mountain you climbed with your family?

Send a photo and a message about who you are, and what is your next mission.

Sparkle Children, Sparkle Children, we sing this song to you:
We are the Caretakers of this Land.

Mum and Dad can you help us?
Let's get together and have a Sparkle Land day, with our community: sharing food, laughing and dreaming our vision for everyone. Our action will support a change we have all been waiting for.

We are all remembering how special nature is. Through the stories of Sparkle Land you can feel the joy, wisdom and love that surround us all.

Over the next few years Rainbow Eagle and Friends will be travelling in Sparkle Land, visiting your town and bushland, launching events where you can help clear the rubbish out of rivers, creeks, forests and beaches. In this way we can create a sparkling land together.

Come on a journey and enjoy the dance
of being a Caretaker of the Land...

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