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Sparkle Land Board Game - FREE Download!

This unique Board Game is an interactive multimedia tool that opens your family and friends to creativity, love and environment. Sparkle Land game activities are designed for children and adults who wish to co-create a harmonious future (3-8yrs). Come on a magical journey into Sparkle Land with Rainbow Eagle and friends. Travel on the crystal path through the gateways of harmony.

Enjoy a game that explores your creativity and empowers your family. Together you can embrace these qualities within each other, sharing your skills to complete the challenges. Activities will support a deeper friendship with your family and community, encouraging you to step forward and be a caretaker of this land.

Rainbow Eagle presents a game of music, magic, skill and learning. Add a sparkle to your day, with friends and family who like to play. A children's entertainer for 13 years, Rainbow Eagle gives easy to follow audio guidance on the game CD. Stories, songs and colouring form a harmonious place to connect with nature, family and friends. Children use listening, imagination and fine motor skills to create fairy magic and sharing in their environment.

Rainbow Eagle invites you to take this opportunity to feel your connection to this land, gather your wisdom and play.

Sparkle Land game will open your hearts to feel the ease of giving to mother earth. This game has no competitive influence. All the participants share a natural desire to connect with each other and journey as one. So be inspired to live the vision of peace and harmony, and embrace the sparkles that glitter in nature, reflecting the beauty of our Self.

The Sparkle Land game is easy to play; simply follow the CD instructions from Rainbow Eagle and friends. Collect your ingredients from nature, gather some crystals, and make sure you have pencils or crayons and paper, and some marbles for extra missions.

Instructions for Sparkle Missions:
Today is a sparkle day! We will enjoy learning together about nature – water, fire, earth, wind, sunshine, moonlight, and the fairies. Let's discover the stars and planets in our solar system. So to play Sparkle Missions remember: always flow like spirals in the world of sparkles, around and around. So just add the missions at the completion of the Snake of Wisdom and continue the spiral; start again at the Crystal Path.
Play the first four track on the cd as an introduction.

Sparkle Missions can be played with a dice. Once everyone has moved according to their dice thrown, take turns to choose a mission from the Mission Cards and follow the instructions – together! If there's no dice, move together one colour at a time, until you reach the tail of the Snake of Wisdom. This way we journey together as we explore Sparkle Land. When your mission is completed, roll the dice again. Place your crystals, shells, marbles, leaves at the golden cities of light. Remember to read each mission carefully as you may also collect Sparkle Cards, crystals and wisdom. Download Sparkle Cards and print as many copies as you need. You can be as creative as you like with how to play with the cards!

How to use Sparkle Land CD:
Play the CD and just follow the instructions from Rainbow Eagle and friends. There is included time to complete the tasks, but whenever there is an activity that you feel will take a while to complete simply press pause (and write down the track number). If you do not wish to complete any challenge during a game, continue to the next track. Remember to dig deep inside to where you feel the love, then you can open the joy of sharing. You can choose a Sparkle Card to help you on your journey.

Sparkle Children need to collect ingredients before playing, to move as you travel the pathway: you will need a crystal, a shell, a stick, and a stone. You will remember that you are the Sparkle Children and with your crystal stones, sing your heartsong to the trees and animals, using the powers of the five elements.

You can receive the Sparkle Land Boardgame either as a computer download (which you print yourself) or as a complete pack, ready to play, in the post:

Buy the Sparkle Land Boardgame, including the Boardgame in three sizes (A3, A4 and 2xA4 stick-together), the Rules, Mission Audio Tracks 1-48, a set of 9 Sparkle Cards, and a Colouring Book:

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Buy the Sparkleland Boardgame Postage Pack, including the Boardgame printed in A3 size, the Rules, a CD with Missions 1-8, and a Colouring Book and crystal bag to play with, plus a bonus Sparkleland Movie DVD: $25.00 including postage.

The Sparkle Land Boardgame

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